The Capacity to Learn Is a Gift

The willingness to learn is a choice

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Primary & 11+

This covers all ages up to Year 6 and incorporates Grammar School Entry Preparation & SATs.

Key Stage 3

This covers Year 7 to Year 9 and will include specific homework guidance to aid settling in at Secondary School.


This is delivered to those in Year 10 to Year 11 and predominately focuses on preparing students to succeed in their GCSE examinations.

A Level

This is delivered to those in Year 12 to Year 13 and predominately focuses on preparing students for their A Levels & University entrance exams.

intuitive learning

With access to the latest software and hardware, The Grade Doctors are able to bring you the most interactive and engaging study methods. 

Our aim is to engage students and promote them to have a willingness and love for learning. 

Our vision

Learning is like building a brick wall. We believe that with strong foundations and the right support, every child can learn & succeed in their studies.  
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Our Happy Clients!

This has been a great program that my 8 year old has been participating in for the last 9 months. He is finding it extremely engaging and effective. This was a complete lifeline for us and we could not recommend enough! 

Balpreet Matharu

The engagement was fantastic! Perfect to work around a busy lifestyle and bring the fun back to learning! My daughter has been able to regain her confidence at school and work to her full potential. Thank you again! 

Sri Thevandran

I highly recommend these lessons to any parent! The tutoring is like no other and the tutors are patient when listening to feedback. The regular contact means that any issues are easily corrected. They have a great ethic! 

Scott Leone

2020 GRaDES

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

Level 9 GCSE
Level 8 GCSE
A Level
A Level

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